The company

We are proud of our first-class durable products that perfectly embody the Italian excellence in design and manufacturing, whilst keeping their allure unchanged over time.

Cesare Marchese and Alessio Spessotto’s expertise and drive have made it possible for Kronos to become what it is today, a solid company in the Treviso area manufacturing handcrafted furniture known for its superior quality and reliability. Kronos expertise and professionalism give shape to modern and functional customised products, featuring a strong character and able to meet any clients’ requirements and tastes while offering the best technology and design solutions.

Our raw materials are processed so as to enhance their inherent qualities in a never-ending pursuit of beauty and uniqueness.

Kronos mission has always been manufacturing distinctive, unique products that stray away from the mainstream. A dynamic company showing outstanding flexibility, it anticipates trends in the furniture design industry, marketing its products both in Italy and abroad.